Tips For a Successful Hospitality Internship Abroad


Tips For a Successful Hospitality Internship Abroad

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If you want to go abroad and learn about hospitality, you will want to take your time to choose the right program, among other things. While true, it’s not so easy. No, if you don’t take your time to think of your wants and needs, you are going to waste your time. With this in mind, here are four tips for a successful hospitality internship abroad.

  1. Choose the field you want to work in

Often, when looking for a place to do an internship, many young folks choose the first available position. Think about it, if you want to work in a hotel, you should not take an internship at a bar or restaurant. Of course, if you struggle to find a company offering an internship and don’t have any options, you can choose a different field. However, in the long run, this is a waste of resources as you won’t get the most out of the experience.

  1. Choose based on job, not city

While it may be tempting to head to southern Spain or a beach town, you should look deeply. Again, there is nothing wrong with choosing these places if you truly enjoy them. But, if you want to get the most out of the experience, you won’t want to party all the time. For this reason, when looking for a company, don’t choose based solely on location. Instead, look for an internship that you will truly gain experience from.

  1. Know your rights

This is a serious mistake that can leave you in serious trouble if you don’t do your research. Know your rights for intern students in the workplace. If you are unpaid and earning academic credit for the internship, you are most likely covered under the school’s policies should an injury occur.

  1. Language

Now, if you think about it, most people could use help with a second language. When learning a second one, a person can improve his or her long-term career prospects. Not only that, when traveling abroad and visiting new places, a person will enjoy his or her time more if they can speak a second language. For this reason, when looking at a hospitality program, you should try to find one in a place where you can learn a new language. At the same time, if you have the time, you should practice the language on your own and take classes. Then, later in life, you will have a better chance at making more money in your career.

  1. Look at results

If you want to get the most out of the situation, you will want to look at real world results. To do this, ask the business where their old interns went. If they have jobs in the field they want, this is a good sign. On the other hand, plenty of people will take an internship and end up going back to an old job or not doing well in the future. Luckily, if a place has a decent track record, you can proceed without fear or trepidation.


With these five tips, you can enjoy a successful hospitality internship while you are overseas. Remember, this is a big moment, and you will want to find the ideal company offering what you want and need out of the experience. Otherwise, if you don’t take the time to think of your needs, you will miss out on a great opportunity.

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What Is Certificate IV Training in Assessment? How Can I Complete One?

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Nobody should ignore the benefits of ongoing professional development, even years into a career. In Australia, in fact, many positions actually require certifications like the TAE40110. But, what is certificate IV in training and assessment, exactly? Understanding the competencies required for the certificate will help learners start off on the right foot.

The core part of a cert IV training and assessment course, like the one provided by Fortress Learning, consists of seven mandatory modules, otherwise known as units. These units cover a variety of subjects, including planning assessment activities, assessing competence, participating in assessment validation, delivering group-based learning and learning in the workplace. The remaining units then go into how to use materials and accredited courses to deliver what clients need and how to develop new learning programs according to a client’s needs.

Learners should plan on setting aside just over 200 hours to complete the required units for the cert IV training and assessment course. Most of the units take about 20-30 hours, although the group-based learning unit takes 50 hours to complete. Most training providers only allow a certain amount of time for learners to complete a course, usually somewhere from 6 months to a year. Therefore, learners should strive to manage their time efficiently in order to complete the course on time and avoid further course fees.

Once a learner has successfully completed the core modules of the TAE40110 , they should choose three electives to complete. Learners can choose electives from six different subgroups. However, every learner must complete a module from subgroup three, which covers numeracy and literacy. Likewise, learners have to choose at least one module from subgroup six. After that, learners are free to choose modules from the other subgroups that are relevant to their needs. Obviously, learners should consult with their employers and the course provider to make sure that they have chosen elective modules that correspond with their current position.


After that, you’re ready to advance in your career.


Take the Fast Track to a Fulfilling Career by Going to School Online

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Online education has opened the door to a wide range of lucrative careers that were once limited to only those who could attend traditional college. Today, you can take advantage of the benefits of online education, such as flexible scheduling and easy access to educational programs in other locations, which can make it easy to launch a career. If you are still exploring potential career options, then here are the top five online educational programs that can lead to a successful and advancing in your career.


Business Administration

A business degree is one of the most sought after online programs due to the flexibility it offers for one’s career. After completing a business administration program, you can be eligible for work in a variety of fields such as marketing, finance and manufacturing. However, it is important to note that the highest paying careers require at least a master’s degree combined with years of experience.



The education field is always wide open for new candidates who are excited to promote knowledge among both children and adults. A bachelor’s degree in education can be earned online, and it is the first step toward becoming a qualified teacher. After completing the degree, it may be necessary to complete further certification depending upon the state in which you plan to teach. Continuing education courses are also typically required to maintain your license, but they can also be taken online.


Real Estate

Whether you decide to sell residential homes or commercial property, this is one career that is always exciting. Real estate agents spend the majority of their time in the field helping prospective buyers and sellers find the perfect property to fit their needs. The career outlook for real estate agents is also continuing to grow as more people need to buy and sell property. If you have an outgoing personality and prefer a career where you control your income, then an online program such as National Real Estate Learning designed to teach you the basics of real estate law will help you earn your license.


Criminal Justice

Law enforcement is one field where qualified employees are always in demand. With a degree in law enforcement, you can be eligible to become a police officer, warden or private investigator. Typically, a degree in law enforcement will take one to two years to complete, and many states allow candidates to begin working in the field while they complete their education.



If you have a penchant for crunching numbers, then a career as an accountant is easy to start online. During this online program, you will learn the fundamentals of accounting such as taxation, ethics and internal auditing. Graduates from an accounting program are eligible to find work for companies that need assistance with financial analysis and management of their business transactions.


Finding the right online school program requires careful consideration of your current interests and skills. Those who are seeking a second career will also want to choose a program that can be accomplished in a shorter amount of time than a traditional degree. If you are ready to jumpstart your career by taking the fast track to success, then begin by selecting the online program that will help you meet your goals.